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Remote Control Rig Moves

iSURVEY offers remote positioning control during rig moves and associated vessel operations. For remote control of the navigation system on board an offshore unit, iSURVEY has developed the iCONTROL system.

By installing iCONTROL on board a rig or vessel, the following offshore operations can be executed from the iSURVEY onshore Control room:

  • Run rig move navigation remotely from shore
  • Log data for final positioning or log position of any other interfaced dynamic object (e.g. ROV)
  • Stream data to shore / to client, such as navigation displays and ROV video
  • Change project related data (e.g. geodesy, background charts, target position, etc.)
  • Perform sensor verification (e.g. gyro and DGNSS verifications)
  • Change information in the navigational display upon request (e.g. create new waypoints, run lines, display lines, track plot, add information like range / bearing, speed, new charts)

iSURVEY has performed remote rig operations in the North Sea for major operators since 2018.

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