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Burial Support

Pipeline and Cable Burial Operations

iSURVEY uses well proven technology and software to provide customers with the data to assess burial depths, free span analysis and more. Using and integrating a wide range of sensors, such as multi-beam echo sounders, digital video recording, depth sensors, altimeters, cable and pipe trackers and USBL/ LBL/ INS positioning, iSURVEY can provide high-quality data to the client.

The amount of data collected during such operations can be immense. Our experienced offshore personnel can provide specialised reports and use customised reporting tools to present the data to the client in a way that makes decision making easier. We can also provide raw and processed data in most known data formats such as full GIS deliverables, 5PT/C5P and event listings.

iSURVEY's experience in trenching support operations makes the difference during offshore campaigns, as we can provide the full solution from mobilisation to data presentation and reporting.

We provide these services on third-party vessels, performing all necessary calibrations and verifications and providing operational 'know-how' to provide high quality data.

Typical uses include (all of which are valuable input for customer asset management):

  • cable and pipe as-installed/as-trenched documentation
  • free span analysis
  • cable/pipe inspections

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