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Pipelay & Jacket / Deck Installations

iSURVEY provides positioning and survey support for rigid, flexible pipe lay and platform installation operations, along with jacket/deck installations.

We provide integrated solutions of USBL (ultra-short baseline), Gyro USBL, LBL (long baseline) and/or INS (inertial navigation system) depending on the type of pipe, flexible or platform/jacket installation, either in shallow or deep water. Within iMAP®, an innovative 3D real time application can be provided to simplify the visualisation of complex structure installation.

Pre- and post-lay surveys can be supported with ROV or vessel based MBES and other sensors such as side scan sonar, cross profilers, pipe/cable trackers and more. To operate these systems iSURVEY provide highly qualified, competent and experienced offshore staff.

Since 2015, iSURVEY has supported the installation of nearly 300km of pipelines and approaching 50 jackets and decks*, mainly within SE Asia, East Asia, Turkey and Africa.

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