Ocean bottom seismic, combining efficiency and quality.

An OBS Contractor Driven by Efficiency

iSEISMIC AS is a new Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) acquisition specialist led by some of the most experienced pioneers in the industry.

Combining Efficiency and Quality

We are focused on meeting the increasing demand for OBS data as the future of oil and gas relies ever-more on higher quality seismic data. Using a new state-of-the-art automated handling system we are at the forefront of OBS efficiency development. OBS is no longer a technique just for development or production seismic such as 4D. Our highly efficient deployment and recovery systems, together with a large node inventory, purpose designed vessels and personnel with an unparalleled level of expertise all mean that exploration OBS is now a reality.

Dual-purpose Recording Vessels

Designed for both ROV and “node-on-a-rope” deployment and recovery our vessels are designed to operate in even the harshest of environments. Depending on water depth, geophysical objectives, surface and sub-surface infrastructure we have the flexibility to implement the optimal survey design. Dual/tandem ROV operations for deep water or highly obstructed areas and rope operations for shallower seas – with whatever sensor spacing is required to meet your goals.

Strategic Partnerships

Together with a number of key partners we provide a “node agnostic” handling system, high deployment and recovery speeds and highly advanced onboard data transfer, QC and processing.

Contact us:

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