iSEISMIC AS is a new ocean bottom seismic (OBS) acquisition specialist, led by some of the most experienced pioneers in the industry.

Technology Driven

iSEISMIC’s highly experienced management team has a significant track record in developing and deploying new OBS technology.

We employ an asset light, technology driven business model using the industry’s most cost-effective deployment system.

We work closely with iSURVEY Group on positioning, ROV and multi-vessel operations to provide clients with the most efficient, effective services.

Combining Efficiency and Quality

iSEISMIC is focused on meeting the increasing demand for OBS data, as the future of oil and gas relies ever-more on higher quality seismic intelligence.

Our deployment and recovery systems are highly efficient and together with our unparalleled level of expertise, large node inventory and purpose designed vessels, exploration OBS is now a reality.

By using a new state-of-the-art automated handling system, iSEISMIC is at the forefront of OBS efficiency development. Ocean bottom seismic is no longer just a technique for development or production, it is the next stage in seismic evolution.

Dual-purpose Recording Vessels

iSEISMIC offers dual ROV operations for deep water within highly obstructive areas and rope operations for shallower seas. These operations are combined with the appropriate sensor spacing as is required for any project objectives.

Designed for both ROV and “node-on-a-rope” deployment and recovery, iSEISMIC vessels have the ability to operate in even the harshest of environments.

Depending on water depth, geophysical objectives, surface and sub-surface infrastructure, iSEISMIC has the flexibility to implement the optimal survey design for our clients.

Strategic Partners

Together with a number of key partners, iSEISMIC provides a unique, fully automated “node agnostic” handling system, high deployment and recovery speeds, integrated with highly advanced onboard data transfer, QC and processing.

Our strategic partnerships also deliver:

The Leadership Team

Each of the management team at iSEISMIC has career-long experience in the seismic industry, and much of it has been shared. From technology development and commercialisation through to survey design, OBS acquisition and data processing, together they have an unparalleled track record within the OBS sector. To contact the team, please click here.

iSEISMIC is a contributing IAGC member

iSEISMIC is registered with the EPIM Qualification System (E&P Information Management Association)

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