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Complete tug positioning and display system for multi vessel operations

iSAFE® is a system for remote vessel survey which consists of a UHF radio modem, DGPS and a computer. The NaviPac™ software supplied by EIVA is used as the navigation software suite and supports multi vessel operations, including USBL interface for positioning of subsea units and AIS heading from AHVs.

iSAFE® is fully integrated with the standard rig iNAV® - Master Vessel and Rig System and the iBUOY® - Anchor Position Tracking system used during regular rig move operations.

The iSAFE® system provides graphical as well as numerical online information about the AHVs own position and also communicates via radio link with the iNAV® system onboard the rig, and other iSAFE® and iBUOY® systems involved in multi vessel operations.

iSAFE® is user friendly for the AHV crew, as everything is prepared by iSURVEY personnel onboard the rig before commencing the multi vessel operation. The iSAFE® is then transferred down to the AHVs, where it’s all plug and play and ready for operation in a matter of minutes.

The iSAFE® and iNAV® systems are well proven over many years, and will ensure you have a real- time overview of the operation at all times.