052  Dolwin 1 08 09 2013


Integration and effective use of ROV for survey applications

iSURVEY propose to use an iROV package to interface any ROV sensors, typically:

  • ROV heading, pitch, roll, depth and altitude (FOG & DVL)
  • Bathymetric system
  • Video overlay
  • Optional Sprint INS

iROV® includes a Helmsman Display and will be interfaced to the iNAV®, iMAP® and where appropriate, a VisualSoft VisualDVR digital video system.

Extensions to iROV®

Multi Vessel Operations

  • iBUOY® – anchor positioning system

Subsea Positioning

  • USBL deepwater mini and full size transponders
  • Complete range of deepwater Long Base Line (LBL)
  • Subsea communication links

Seabed Mapping

  • Pipe and cable tracking instrumentation
  • ROV mounted Multi Beam Echo sounder (MBE)
  • ROV mounted/ towed Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

Remote Control Vessel Survey System

  • iCONTROL® – remote control


  • Additional client helmsman’s displays
  • CMAP electronic chart database
  • Online tidal calculations