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Master Vessel and Rig Positioning System

The iNAV® vessel positioning suite is a modularized technology for effective positioning and survey support during all offshore drilling, marine and survey projects.

  • Dual online navigation system using Eiva NaviPac
  • Redundant dGNSS
  • Helmsman’s displays
  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) input

Extensions to iNAV®

  • Multi Vessel Operations
    • iSAFE® for tracking AHVs – iSURVEY’s TMS (tug management system)
    • iBUOY® for anchor tracking
  • iROV® for ROV support
    • ROV helmsman’s displays
    • Interface to ROV sensors
    • Digital video interface
    • SVP/CTD profiling
  • Subsea positioning
    • USBL and LBL positioning
    • Subsea telemetry communications
  • iMAP® for seabed mapping
    • Pipe and cable tracking
    • ROV-mounted MBES
    • Over-the-side mounted MBES
    • ROV-mounted or towed SSS
    • Data acquisition and processing suite
  • iCONTROL® for remote access
    • Secure site-to-site VPN link between vessel and office
    • For updates of iNAV®

For each vessel positioning package iSURVEY propose using an iNAV® application. The standard iNAV® configuration will comply with all requirements for surface positioning services for positioning/mooring of an offshore construction vessel.

At the heart of every iNAV® installation you find the Eiva NaviPac on-line navigation software, part of the Eiva Software Suite. This software can easily be configured on the fly for single or multi vessel operations (Tug Management) only limited by the available hardware.