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051  Dolwin 1 08 09 2013


Remote control of offshore survey systems through secure internet connection.

iCONTROL® is fully compatible with the standard rig iNAV® Master Rig and Vessel System and the iMON® Position Monitoring System, enabling you to take full remote control of the systems at any time.

iCONTROL® can minimise the time and personnel resources required by giving iSURVEY’s onshore experts a visual overview of the situation, which can be corrected if necessary.

iCONTROL® can communicate via the internet or SOIL. SOIL is a global network for oil and gas companies, ensuring a high level of security via a closed member-only network. SOIL differs from the internet in that the network is managed and controlled by higher operational levels.


  • For remote control of rig moves
  • Cuts down on work hours, travel expenses and frees bed capacity on vessels and offshore installations
  • Enables iSURVEY to respond quickly on software related problems without having to wait for service personnel to get onboard
  • Available online support 24/7
  • Eliminates possible miscommunication associated with phone support