052  Dolwin 1 08 09 2013


Transponder based ruggedized anchor positioning

iBUOY® consists of a transponder encapsulated in a flotation device which provides protection for the against possible rough handling during deployment and recovery of the anchors.

iBUOY® is fully integrated with the standard rig iNAV® and AHV iSAFE® positioning system used during regular rig move operations.

During the deployment of an anchor, the iBUOY® should be attached to the delta plate using a fiber rope shortened with a weak link. If the weak link breaks due to external forces, the full length of the rope is released and the iBUOY® will float above the delta plate.

iBUOY® is using the AHV’s USBL system for online anchor position tracking. iBUOY® can be used with all standard USBL systems and is easily interfaced to the iSAFE® system onboard the AHV.

The iBUOY® position and depth are easily transmitted via radio link to the iNAV® system onboard the rig. The iNAV® system then provides graphical as well as numerical online information of the location of the iBUOY® and the anchor, to all relevant parties involved in the operation.

Compared with the methods most commonly used for anchor positioning today, the iBUOY® anchor tracking system provides reliable online information of the anchor position during deployment and after the anchor is landed on the seabed. In addition, an indication of the drag length can be calculated.