iSURVEY Group offers specialist survey and positioning services to support international marine construction projects, offshore cable operations, rig and mooring operations and seabed surveys.

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We apply state of the art technology to help us deliver our services. Select a product below to learn more:


Master Vessel and Rig Positioning System

The iNAV® vessel positioning suite is a modularized technology for effective positioning and survey support during all offshore drilling, marine and survey projects.

  • Dual online navigation system using Eiva NaviPac
  • Redundant dGNSS
  • Helmsman’s displays
  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) input

Extensions to iNAV®

  • Multi Vessel Operations
    • iSAFE® for tracking AHVs – iSURVEY’s TMS (tug management system)
    • iBUOY® for anchor tracking
  • iROV® for ROV support
    • ROV helmsman’s displays
    • Interface to ROV sensors
    • Digital video interface
    • SVP/CTD profiling
  • Subsea positioning
    • USBL and LBL positioning
    • Subsea telemetry communications
  • iMAP® for seabed mapping
    • Pipe and cable tracking
    • ROV-mounted MBES
    • Over-the-side mounted MBES
    • ROV-mounted or towed SSS
    • Data acquisition and processing suite
  • iCONTROL® for remote access
    • Secure site-to-site VPN link between vessel and office
    • For updates of iNAV®

For each vessel positioning package iSURVEY propose using an iNAV® application. The standard iNAV® configuration will comply with all requirements for surface positioning services for positioning/mooring of an offshore construction vessel.

At the heart of every iNAV® installation you find the Eiva NaviPac on-line navigation software, part of the Eiva Software Suite. This software can easily be configured on the fly for single or multi vessel operations (Tug Management) only limited by the available hardware.


Complete tug positioning and display system for multi vessel operations

iSAFE® is a system for remote vessel survey which consists of a UHF radio modem, DGPS and a computer. The NaviPac™ software supplied by EIVA is used as the navigation software suite and supports multi vessel operations, including USBL interface for positioning of subsea units and AIS heading from AHVs.

iSAFE® is fully integrated with the standard rig iNAV® - Master Vessel and Rig System and the iBUOY® - Anchor Position Tracking system used during regular rig move operations.

The iSAFE® system provides graphical as well as numerical online information about the AHVs own position and also communicates via radio link with the iNAV® system onboard the rig, and other iSAFE® and iBUOY® systems involved in multi vessel operations.

iSAFE® is user friendly for the AHV crew, as everything is prepared by iSURVEY personnel onboard the rig before commencing the multi vessel operation. The iSAFE® is then transferred down to the AHVs, where it’s all plug and play and ready for operation in a matter of minutes.

The iSAFE® and iNAV® systems are well proven over many years, and will ensure you have a real- time overview of the operation at all times.


Integration and effective use of ROV for survey applications

iSURVEY propose to use an iROV package to interface any ROV sensors, typically:

  • ROV heading, pitch, roll, depth and altitude (FOG & DVL)
  • Bathymetric system
  • Video overlay
  • Optional Sprint INS

iROV® includes a Helmsman Display and will be interfaced to the iNAV®, iMAP® and where appropriate, a VisualSoft VisualDVR digital video system.

Extensions to iROV®

Multi Vessel Operations

  • iBUOY® – anchor positioning system

Subsea Positioning

  • USBL deepwater mini and full size transponders
  • Complete range of deepwater Long Base Line (LBL)
  • Subsea communication links

Seabed Mapping

  • Pipe and cable tracking instrumentation
  • ROV mounted Multi Beam Echo sounder (MBE)
  • ROV mounted/ towed Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

Remote Control Vessel Survey System

  • iCONTROL® – remote control


  • Additional client helmsman’s displays
  • CMAP electronic chart database
  • Online tidal calculations


Survey solution for seabed mapping projects including bathymetry and integrated video


iSURVEY delivers multi-beam echo sounder and side scan sonar solutions for ROV and surface vessels, creating bathymetric maps and 3D models and visualisation.

Eiva NaviEdit and NaviModel are used for post processing, documentation and quality control. Data can be exported to most known formats.

Video Survey

ROV-mounted cameras combined with VisualSoft and Eiva NaviPac position and depth reference provides an optimal visualisation with full geographic reference. This is ideal for inspection survey, with possibility for playback and video integration to GIS.

This can be combined in NaviModel together with multi-beam survey for a complete documentation.

Cable and Pipe Survey

iSURVEY supplies ROV-mounted cable and pipe trackers together with subsea positioning, video and/or multi-beam echo sounder, all with easy integration to GIS systems.

All iMAP® services can be combined and modified to meet client requests.


Specialised survey module for professional offshore cable installation projects

The iSURVEY cable calculation software is based on basic catenary calculation with an extension for cable lay on slope.

The software covers three calculation methods:

  • Angle meter mounted on stern chute
  • Angle meter mounted on subsea object
  • Touch Down monitoring by subsea object

Displayed values in the cable calculation software will typically be bottom tension, departure angle, touchdown position, KP, DOL, cable speed and cable length.

The Cable Calculation Software has an option for internal logging, which can be set up by time interval or change in KP values. All calculated values will be available in log file, together with the position of the chute and any subsea vehicle.


Remote control of offshore survey systems through secure internet connection.

iCONTROL® is fully compatible with the standard rig iNAV® Master Rig and Vessel System and the iMON® Position Monitoring System, enabling you to take full remote control of the systems at any time.

iCONTROL® can minimise the time and personnel resources required by giving iSURVEY’s onshore experts a visual overview of the situation, which can be corrected if necessary.

iCONTROL® can communicate via the internet or SOIL. SOIL is a global network for oil and gas companies, ensuring a high level of security via a closed member-only network. SOIL differs from the internet in that the network is managed and controlled by higher operational levels.


  • For remote control of rig moves
  • Cuts down on work hours, travel expenses and frees bed capacity on vessels and offshore installations
  • Enables iSURVEY to respond quickly on software related problems without having to wait for service personnel to get onboard
  • Available online support 24/7
  • Eliminates possible miscommunication associated with phone support


Transponder based ruggedized anchor positioning

iBUOY® consists of a transponder encapsulated in a flotation device which provides protection for the against possible rough handling during deployment and recovery of the anchors.

iBUOY® is fully integrated with the standard rig iNAV® and AHV iSAFE® positioning system used during regular rig move operations.

During the deployment of an anchor, the iBUOY® should be attached to the delta plate using a fiber rope shortened with a weak link. If the weak link breaks due to external forces, the full length of the rope is released and the iBUOY® will float above the delta plate.

iBUOY® is using the AHV’s USBL system for online anchor position tracking. iBUOY® can be used with all standard USBL systems and is easily interfaced to the iSAFE® system onboard the AHV.

The iBUOY® position and depth are easily transmitted via radio link to the iNAV® system onboard the rig. The iNAV® system then provides graphical as well as numerical online information of the location of the iBUOY® and the anchor, to all relevant parties involved in the operation.

Compared with the methods most commonly used for anchor positioning today, the iBUOY® anchor tracking system provides reliable online information of the anchor position during deployment and after the anchor is landed on the seabed. In addition, an indication of the drag length can be calculated.


iLINK™ allows video data to be transferred between marine vessels, rigs, etc, for applications such as:

  • Cable laying
    • Bellmouth video transferred to vessel and pull-in winch
  • Subsea Positioning
    • Multi-vessel operations with video distribution needs
  • Seabed Mapping
    • Multi-vessel operations with video distribution needs
  • Remote Control Vessel Survey System
    • Live video image transferred to shore via iControl™
  • Miscellaneous
    • Any SD and HD video image to be transferred from A—B


Robust module for online rig position visualisation and rig crawl calculations during drilling operations

The iMON® position monitoring system offers a graphic display including pipelines and waypoints, numeric object position, range and bearings, alarms, anchor data, manual measurements in map display, online rigcrawl calculations and more.

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