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Successful sea trial of iSURVEYOR II

iSURVEY has announced completion of the successful sea trial of our new vessel, iSURVEYOR II. The 23-foot vessel, which can easily be transported on a boat trailer, can perform seabed surveys using multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and grab sampling.

During July and August, the vessel was upgraded, enabling poles for multi-beam echo sounder and sub-bottom profiler to be mounted over the side.

iSURVEY will also utilise the vessel to train offshore personnel in seabed survey operations. The first course was completed in September and involved training with the Innomar Sub-bottom Profiler SES-2000.

For quotes and availability of the iSURVEYOR II, please contact: Carl Bentzrød, Business Line Manager - Seabed Survey

E-mail: / Phone: +47 912 46 079