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Climbing to the Top; One Munro at a Time

iSURVEY now has itself their very own Munroist.

Climbing one Scottish Munro is a challenge on its own, let alone all 282 but iSURVEY’s managing director, Andrew McMurtrie, has recently bagged his 282nd, having started the process at the age of 12.

The Scottish hill term Munro comes from the mountaineer, Sir Hugh Munro, who surveyed and catalogued them, in 1891. These 3,000+ feet peaks have been a large attraction for hillwalkers around the world due to the stunning views of the Scottish countryside they present. They are a huge attraction for Scotland with over 6,000 people worldwide compleating them all, making them all Munroists.

Ben Nevis, at 4,411 feet, was Andrew’s first Munro at the age of 12 with the Scouts. His love for climbing began then and this is what ignited his personal ambition to climb them all. Not all of them are easily accessible with the Inaccessible Pinnacle in Skye being a rock climb and requiring scrambling as opposed to walking. This was Andrew’s biggest challenge.

Discussing his passion for Munros he says: “I have enjoyed many weekends away with my close friends and family, including my wife and children. The Munros show you so much of the beauty in Scotland that you would not otherwise see.

The record holder for the shortest time taken to climb all 282 Munros is Stephen Pyke who, in 2010, compleated them all in just 39 days.

“Some people have climbed/run them all in a short space of time but that was not what I set out to do. I did it for the enjoyment of walking and being outdoors. I will keep climbing Munros but they will not take so much priority in my life now. Who knows what my next challenge will be?”