iSURVEY's Heritage

We are a leading provider of survey and positioning services to the global oil and Gas telecommunications and offshore renewable energy sectors.

  • 2014

    10 Year Anniversary

    iSURVEY celebrates 10 years

    Aberdeen Office

    Group base is launched in Aberdeen

    IMCA Competence Implemented

    iSURVEY implements IMCA Competence Assurance

  • 2013

    Employees Reach 100

    Group employees reach 100, with an estimated turnover of £14million {NOK 140 million}

  • 2012

    Singapore Office

    iSURVEY opens an office in Singapore

  • 2011

    Rig Positioning Record

    In 2011, the record for the total number of rig positioning projects completed in one year was surpassed by iSURVEY

  • 2009

    Five Year Anniversary

    iSURVEY celebrates five year anniversary 

    ISO 9001

    iSURVEY certified to the ISO 9001 standard 

  • 2007

    NEXAN's Norway

    iSURVEY is awarded a long term survey service contract to support NEXANS Norway’s world wide cable operations

  • 2006


    VERIPOS appoints iSURVEY as exclusive agent in Scandinavia

  • 2005

    STATOIL and Norsk Hydro Framework Agreements 

    Frame agreements for rig positioning established with STATOIL and NORSK HYDRO