The Company

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Our Story

iSURVEY was founded in 2004 by seven ex-colleagues primarily based in Oslo, Norway. With a strong track record in rig positioning, the co-founders soon established frame agreements with some of the O&G operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), before establishing relationships with some contractors operating in the marine construction and cable installation sectors. One of these relationships, which still remains today, was established with Nexans in 2007, supporting its world-wide cable laying and burial scopes primarily onboard its installation vessel, Skagerrak.

iSURVEY continued to grow organically, servicing more and more operators and contractors, primarily on the NCS. A number of significant international projects were also supported however, including a large deep water construction scope for Reliance in 2008/09 offshore India, as well as several FPSO related installation projects in West Africa. In 2012, an operational presence was established in Singapore which has now grown to 20 personnel. Customers include a number of key players in the Far East marine construction market.

The milestone of 100 employees was reached in 2013 shortly before iSURVEY’s 10th anniversary, the same year that the private equity investor, Norvestor, took a 70% stake in the business in May. That year saw our revenue hit 140MNOK, with a growing number of well-known customers.

Further expansion in early 2014 saw an operational presence established in Aberdeen, UK, which has quickly grown to 30 personnel both onshore and offshore. The team here has established frame agreements with major operators in the renewable energy, telecommunications and oil & gas sectors.

Global Reach

iSURVEY’s reputation is recognised around the globe and our track record is proven by our results. iSURVEY has bases in Norway, Singapore and the UK, all of which allow us to provide a rapid, responsive service. We are well positioned to deploy services and personnel to all regions of the globe.


Our people are central to all that we do, and we trust them to get the job done with clients’ needs and results in mind. Each person within iSURVEY has a voice and we make sure that we listen to their feedback, so that we can continue building our company into a leader in survey and positioning.

iSURVEY is technology driven and as offshore activity moves into more harsh settings, the company continues to develop services which can be deployed in these environments. We constantly look to the future, and what is coming next.

iSURVEY is an independent company which is wholly focused on survey and positioning. This focus is a significant part of our client centric culture and means that as a business, we do not seek to offer additional services which compete with our clients.